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Printed Speakers: The Comprehensive Guide to Promotional Speakers

Speakers with print are an excellent marketing tool that allows you to promote your brand by placing a logo or other graphic element on the surface of the speaker. In this guide, we will take a closer look at advertising speakers, their types, advantages and production process. You will also learn how to choose the perfect advertising loudspeaker for your company and what patterns and colors are available that can be matched to the company's style.

What are printed speakers?

Promotional speakers with a logo or print are products that combine a practical function with brand promotion. By placing a company logo or other graphic element on the speaker's surface, they become a marketing tool that strengthens brand recognition. Among them, we distinguish bluetooth speakers with print, which are particularly popular due to their mobility and ease of use.

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Definition and application of printed speakers

Advertising speakers with print are audio devices on which logos, advertising slogans or other graphic elements related to the promoted brand are placed. The use of such loudspeakers is wide. they can be used as gifts for customers, prizes in competitions, gadgets at events or elements of office and conference room equipment.

Various types of printed speakers: from bluetooth to conference speakers

Depending on your needs and expectations, you can choose from different types of printed speakers. An example would be a conference speaker with a logo, which will work well in offices and conference rooms where high sound quality and an elegant appearance are required. In turn, a bluetooth speaker with a logo is an excellent choice for people who value mobility and ease of use. Thanks to Bluetooth technology, you can wirelessly connect to various devices, such as smartphones, tablets or laptops.

It is worth paying attention to the variety of available models of printed speakers, which differ not only in technology, but also in design, materials and additional functions. When choosing the right advertising loudspeaker, it is worth taking into account the needs of the recipients and the characteristics of the promoted brand.

Advantages of advertising speakers with a logo or print

Speakers with a company logo print and advertising speakers with a company logo are excellent marketing tools that bring many benefits. In this chapter, we will discuss the advantages of such speakers and present practical applications in business.

How do speakers with a company logo print strengthen the brand?

Speakers with a company logo are an effective way to strengthen your brand because:

  • increase the recognition of the company's logo and name,
  • allow you to build a positive image by offering valuable products,
  • allow you to establish an emotional bond with customers who use the speakers every day,
  • are an excellent way to promote your company during events, conferences or fairs,
  • allow you to reach new groups of recipients who may be interested in the company's offer thanks to speakers with the logo.

It is worth investing in promotional speakers with the company logo to effectively promote your brand and gain a competitive advantage on the market.

Practical applications of advertising speakers in business

Promotional speakers can be used in a variety of business situations, such as:

  • gifts for customers that help maintain relationships and build loyalty,
  • prizes in competitions that increase customer involvement and encourage them to use the company's offer,
  • gadgets at events that attract the attention of participants and allow for establishing business contacts,
  • elements of office and conference room equipment that emphasize the company's professionalism and attention to quality,
  • promotional products for employees that motivate them to work and strengthen their sense of belonging to the company.

The use of advertising loudspeakers in business allows you to achieve many benefits, both in terms of brand promotion and building relationships with customers and business partners.

Choosing the perfect advertising speaker

When choosing an advertising loudspeaker, it is worth paying attention to several key aspects that will affect its quality and functionality. In this chapter, we will discuss the features of high-quality advertising speakers and compare the different types of speakers available on the market.

Key features of high-quality advertising speakers

High-quality advertising speakers and good-quality speakers should have the following features:

  • excellent sound quality that will provide a pleasant listening experience
  • durability and solid workmanship, which translates into a long product life,
  • easy to use, thanks to which the user will quickly learn to use the loudspeaker,
  • attractive design that will attract customers' attention and strengthen the company's image,
  • possibility of personalization, i.e. placing a company logo or other print on the speaker housing.

When choosing an advertising speaker, it is worth paying attention to these features to ensure customer satisfaction and effectively promote your brand.

Wireless advertising speakers vs smartphone speakers: Which one to choose?

There are different types of advertising speakers available in the market, such as bluetooth advertising speakers, wireless advertising speakers and smartphone speakers . Let's compare these types of speakers to help you choose the right model:

Type of speaker Advantages Disadvantages Bluetooth advertising speakers wireless, easy to use, wide operating range, need to charge the battery, possibility of signal interference Wireless advertising speakers no cables, convenient to use, compatible with various devices sometimes lower sound quality, necessary battery charging Smartphone speakers easy to connect, small size, lower price limited range, need to use a cable

When choosing an advertising loudspeaker, it is worth considering which of these types of loudspeakers will best meet customer expectations and be the most effective in promoting the brand.

Designs and colors of advertising speakers: How to match the company's style?

Patterns and colors of advertising speakers are crucial to the company's image. To match the colors of advertising speakers to the company's style, it is worth paying attention to the following aspects:

  • colors of the company logo that should be visible on the speaker
  • colors characteristic of the industry in which the company operates
  • customer preferences, which may influence the attractiveness of the speaker,
  • design trends that may influence the aesthetic perception of the speaker.

Carefully selected design and color of the advertising loudspeaker will allow you to effectively promote the brand and strengthen its image in the eyes of customers.

Production of personalized advertising speakers

In today's world, where market competition is increasing, the production of personalized advertising speakers is becoming more and more popular. Companies are looking for new, creative ways to stand out and build a strong brand. In this section, we will discuss the production process of advertising speakers with a logo and speakers with an interesting design.

The process of creating loudspeakers with a company logo printed on them

Promotional speakers with a logo are an excellent way to promote your brand and increase its recognition. The process of creating such loudspeakers consists of several stages:

  1. Choosing the right loudspeaker model that will match the company's image and meet customer expectations.
  2. Preparation of a graphic design with the company logo that will be placed on the loudspeaker housing. It is important that the design is legible and aesthetic.
  3. Choose a printing technique that will allow you to permanently and precisely place the logo on the speaker. Popular methods include screen printing, pad printing and UV printing.
  4. The printing on the speakers is carried out by specialized printing machines, which ensure high quality and durability.
  5. Quality checks on finished logo speakers to ensure they meet customer expectations and are free from manufacturing defects.

Creating advertising speakers with a company logo is an investment that can bring many benefits in the long term, such as increasing brand recognition or increasing customer loyalty.

What does the production of advertising speakers with an interesting design look like?

Promotional speakers with an interesting design are another way to stand out on the market and attract customers' attention. The production process of such loudspeakers includes the following stages:

  1. Cooperation with a designer who will develop a unique and attractive speaker design that reflects the company's values and image.
  2. Selection of appropriate materials and colors that will match the developed project and meet the requirements for quality and durability.
  3. Production of a loudspeaker prototype that will allow you to check whether the design is appropriate and whether the loudspeaker meets customer expectations.
  4. Implementation of the project into series production, where the loudspeakers are created in accordance with the developed design and checked for quality.

Creating advertising speakers with an interesting design is a way to build a unique company image and attract the attention of customers who are looking for original and functional products.

Variety of the range of advertising speakers

There are various types of advertising loudspeakers available on the market, which can be personalized by adding a company logo or other print. In this section, we'll take a look at the variety of advertising speakers available, including cork, bamboo, compact bluetooth speakers, and waterproof speakers.

Overview of available advertising speakers: from cork to bamboo

Available advertising speakers differ in the materials they are made of, which affects their appearance and properties. Examples of such speakers include:

  • Cork speaker - made of natural, ecological material, which is light, durable and dampens sound well. A cork loudspeaker may be attractive to companies that care about the environment.
  • Bamboo speaker - made of a fast-growing, renewable raw material that is durable and durable. A bamboo speaker may be a good choice for companies that want to emphasize their commitment to environmental protection.

The choice of the appropriate material for an advertising loudspeaker depends on the company's preferences and customer expectations.

A small Bluetooth speaker or a waterproof speaker? Get to know the differences

Among advertising speakers you can also find models with different functions and properties. The two common types are:

  • Small Bluetooth speaker - compact, easy to transport and use, ideal for people who often travel or use the speaker in different places. It works on the principle of wireless communication, which makes it easier to use the device.
  • Waterproof advertising speakers - protects electronics from water damage, making them suitable for outdoor use, at the beach or in rainy weather.

The choice between a small Bluetooth speaker and a waterproof speaker depends on the needs and expectations of customers and the specific nature of the company's business.

It is worth noting that there are also wireless speakers available on the market that combine the advantages of both of the above types - they are compact, easy to use and water resistant. Such a loudspeaker may be an attractive solution for companies that want to offer their customers a universal, practical product.


In the article, we discussed various aspects related to printed advertising loudspeakers, such as their types, advantages, production process and diversity of the assortment. We learned that printed speakers can strengthen a company's brand, and their practical applications in business are wide. The key features of high-quality advertising speakers include durability, sound quality and attractive design.

We also compared wireless advertising speakers with smartphone speakers and discussed how to match the patterns and colors of the speakers to the style of your company. We looked at the process of creating loudspeakers with a logo print and the production of advertising loudspeakers with an interesting design. In the section devoted to the diversity of the range of advertising speakers, we presented examples of cork, bamboo, small Bluetooth speakers and waterproof speakers.

To sum up, printed speakers are an effective marketing tool that can help promote the company and strengthen its image. The choice of an appropriate advertising loudspeaker depends on the needs and expectations of customers and the specific nature of the company's activities. Thanks to the variety of available models, materials and functions, every company can find an advertising speaker perfectly suited to its needs.